Video is a vital component to delivering your message online, as those researching you and/or your product expect a more lively, interactive experience. When choosing a rehabilitation facility, in particular, patients and families want to be introduced to the facility and the actual people providing care. Our client, Sweet Brook Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, has always had an exceptional rehab team, but in recent months, renovations to create a new rehab center, complete with an innovative Smart Car, brought the building to a new level.

One of the challenges with producing a video is the cost-benefit analysis between quality and cost. Today, it’s very easy to create a video on your own, but without a professional the quality is almost always lacking. To produce a video professionally, the costs often are very high because of videographer’s time for the shoot and for post-production. At OneEighty Media, we have produced many higher-end videos like these for a variety of clients. However, we recognize that many businesses want to create quality videos without investing in a larger production. Also, as keyword-focused and topic-based videos provide a better opportunity to connect with potential clients interested in your product or expertise, the creation of multiple, topic-focused videos makes sense.

For Sweet Brook, did just that: produced a series of videos (without costly post-production) to highlight many of their differentiating features. Those videos are embedded into their website, based on their YouTube page and have been promoted through social media.


John Krol
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