It can be challenging for your business to differentiate itself from others when the average consumer knows very little about your industry. Certainly this can be said for the senior care arena, where consumers are rarely educated about different services until they are pressed into it with a loved one with a drastic change in their health or mobility.

What does a deficiency-free survey by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health mean? Very few know or necessarily care, until it means something to their family.

It is clear that more than 90 percent of press reports about nursing facilities are very negative. Think about the things that make the news – often they  cases that land in court. That’s not good.

That’s exactly why a business that does extraordinarily good work needs to go out of its way to tell the world about it. This is the case of Mount Carmel Care Center, which recently earned its fifth consecutive deficiency free survey. They do the tremendous work to earn the accolades, it was OneEighty’s job to encapsulate what that means and help the media understand how significant this is, so it will receive coverage.

We did it and the story, featured prominently in the Berkshires in several publications, drew significant attention on social media, powerful word-of-mouth, a nice pat on the back for employees, and a reminder to referral sources on the tremendous quality of Mount Carmel Care Center.


John Krol
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