OneEighty Media was hired by Carsell Dentistry to pull together its branding efforts. The longtime, trusted general dentistry practice in Dalton recently put up a new sign on the Main Street location. OneEighty worked with Carsell to pull that brand into its messaging with new letterhead, business cards, literature and website. We love building new websites for clients, because it’s an opportunity to truly prioritize messaging and develop an image that reflects the very best of what they do. Each and every web project we do includes a photo shoot, which we believe is essential to delivering the very best marketing content.

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John Krol
President of OneEighty Media, Inc., and lead communications consultant for this full-service marketing, communications and advertising firm. John’s extensive experience in journalism, broadcasting, public relations, government relations, SEM, community outreach and marketing provides a unique perspective for businesses looking to re-energize and diversify their marketing efforts. Read more...