A cornerstone of a solid marketing foundation for a small to mid-sized business is owning a pool of high-quality, high-resolution photos reflecting the best of what you do. Too often, we see businesses that would like to show-off their people and the work they do, but in-house photos just don’t do the job. In this case, business owners often then are forced to use stock photos on their marketing materials. That is such a shame, because we know that one of the best selling points of any small or mid-sized business is the quality of your people. So, what you really need is a small investment in a photo shoot that will give you just that.

OneEighty has excelled in delivering the very best photo shoots for small and mid-sized businesses since we opened our shop five years ago. In fact, we believe in these quality images so strongly, we incorporate them into each and every website project we do. Also, any business or organization, which plans on doing any level of marketing in the years to come, would be wise to make this upfront investment in developing excellent starter content. Photos are a necessity for this. Whether it is a series of literature pieces, like trifolds, bifolds, rack cards, postcards, a new website, and upgraded social media presence, or billboards – it is critical to have these fantastic high-resolution images.

Our professional photo packages also include exceptional headshots for your leadership team, your people truly in their element, and truly showing the best of what they do.

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John Krol
President of OneEighty Media, Inc., and lead communications consultant for this full-service marketing, communications and advertising firm. John’s extensive experience in journalism, broadcasting, public relations, government relations, SEM, community outreach and marketing provides a unique perspective for businesses looking to re-energize and diversify their marketing efforts. Read more...