Another great outcome by our friends at Porchlight VNA/Home Care. In the end, it’s all about the patient experience. Excellent clinical care, great customer service and building trust – it’s what health care should be all about.

See below for the latest patient profile for Porchlight VNA/Home Care:


Porchlight VNA’s Patricia Schmidt, OTR-L checks Ann Gaylord’s vitals and records the information in her tablet to integrate the information with other Porchlight specialists.

Ann Gaylord, 69, of Pittsfield, has had more than her share of health challenges. Over the years, fibromyalgia and severe arthritis have led to surgeries to replace her knees, shoulders, spine and even her jaw. Often in pain, she gets around with the use of a motorized scooter. She was first introduced to Porchlight VNA/Home Care at an educational presentation in the community. Soon thereafter, the specialists at Porchlight provided in-home services to improve her quality of life with less pain and increased mobility. As she faces her latest health challenges that are being addressed with a series of surgeries, she naturally chose Porchlight for specialized rehabilitation.

Ann suffers from severe varicose veins and a blood clot in her leg. Ongoing surgeries by Jose Heisecke, MD, of Berkshire Surgical Associates are addressing the issues. In order to recover, a specialized combination of nursing and rehabilitation will be necessary.

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