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OneEighty Media has helped usher through a new and exciting era for a healthcare facility that has earned a reputation for excellence over the past decade or more. Formerly Sisters of Providence Care Center, Mount Carmel Care Center continues its exceptional faith-based mission following the “passing of the torch” one year ago in October, 2013. Starting our relationship with the facility at that time, OneEighty handled the public relations and some additional logistics for the $5 million deal that importantly kept the facility within a faith-based mission. With the new ownership came a new name, new branding, and yet, it was critical to convey that the quality, that had resulted in perfect department of health surveys and excellent customer satisfaction accolades in the previous few years, would remain uncompromisingly the same. Consistency has been the key. We keep Mount Carmel ahead by taking the opportunities to deliver the message of quality and exceptional service. Most recently, we launched Mount Carmel Care Center’s new website. The combination of beautiful photography that reflects the quality of its staff and services, the branding that makes Mount Carmel’s presence unmistakable and user-friendly features to setup a tour online and more – makes this the right fit for this remarkable facility.

Mount Carmel Care Center Web Banner

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