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Downtown Lee from OneEighty’s photo shoot for the Lee Chamber

As the town of Lee, Massachusetts, known as the Gateway to the Berkshires, emerges as a hub of activity in the culturally-rich Berkshires – its chamber of commerce knew it needed something more dynamic. New restaurants are popping up in the downtown and large events like the Founders Weekend are filling the calendar. Meanwhile, Lee remains a retail center with the Outlets at Lee continuing to draw countless visitors and residents, longstanding beds and breakfasts catering to tourists. Yet, is a community where you can get just about anything you need: from lumber, to hardware needs, great Mexican food, a good lawyer or a home loan. It also has a thriving corporate district on Route 102 that includes a forward-thinking medical device manufacturer, specialty paper maker and the corporate office for Country Curtains. The challenge for OneEighty Media was to create a website that reflects all that Lee has to offer, but that also has the Lee Chamber-48flexibility to share the latest happening in town. With a dynamic calendar function that highlights the latest events in the homepage slider section, the user will be immediately tuned-in. However, the site also has been crafted to allow users to intuitively research Lee businesses and all the great things to do in town. As a membership organization, the site also gives chamber members the ability to easily edit their own business information, add events and update frequently – galvanizing the collective energy of all the chamber’s members.

Lee Chamber of Commerce website - created by OneEighty Media
Lee Chamber of Commerce website – created by OneEighty Media


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