Generally speaking, WordPress websites need to be refreshed every few years. Plugins and themes become dated and, as designs and user preferences change often, it makes sense to freshen things up on a regular basis. One longtime client, Porchlight VNA/Home Care, needed to make the upgrade. Another agency built the site about six years ago. It was a fine WordPress site that met Porchlight’s needs. However, the theme had become dated and many of the WordPress plugins were not functioning properly. After several attempts to address the issues within the old theme, it became clear that the very best solution was to revamp with an entirely new theme. OneEighty’s WordPress specialists went to work an within a two-week period, we transferred the site onto an entirely new theme. We kept many of the same design elements based on our client’s wishes, but provided a greater level of control and flexibility for Porchlight’s in-house staff.

When you need a website refresh, and want it done quickly and cost-effectively – OneEighty is the agency that can do it right!

OneEighty did a clean refresh of Porchlight’s website quickly and efficiently.
John Krol
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