A-List Luxury Car Services, Berkshires, MassachusettsWe love helping companies do a number of things to strengthen their marketing efforts. Often it’s done in a rebranding process, building a new website, or strengthening the message, or a in a variety of other ways. However, what we at OneEighty love the most is when we get to start from scratch: new business, new brand, new website and working with our clients to powerfully project a new image in the market. This is the case with our client, A-List Luxury Car Services. The look and feel of the logo and supportive design elements are consistently carried through in its new website and advertising campaign. The specialized black car service is already carving a unmistakable niche with transportation to and from airports throughout the Northeast, corporate travel (complete with an optional mobile office), a night out on the town and special excursions.

A-List Luxury Car Services, Berkshires, Massachusetts

John Krol
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